A Wii Fit Balance Board Is Your Anti-Christmas-Flab-Device Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

If you're going to stuff your face with food and booze over the festive period, you might want to think about losing some weight beforehand, so that you don’t spend the start of 2013 unable to leave your bed and washing yourself with a rag on a stick.

Time then to dig out that old Wii console and put it to good use with one of the myriad of fitness games that you can get for it. But wait, don't they all require the use of a Wii Fit 'balance board'? Well, mostly yes, but fret not because here's one for only £12.50 delivered, significantly cheaper than the original RRP. Admittedly, it's pre-owned and might be drenched in the DNA and sweat of a stranger, but if you dip it in a bath of acid for a few hours before using it, there shouldn't be any major problems.


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