Ageing Rockers Finally Embrace the Future, as AC/DC and Rolling Stones Go Digital

By Sam Gibbs on at

Hot on the heels of the Beatles, you can now buy the electric-laced wailings of AC/DC's back catalogue, including 16 whole albums from iTunes, marking the classic rockers' first moves to digital. Not only that but the Rolling Stones have gone one further and released an app for the iPhone -- who said you can't teach an old dogs new tricks?

The Rolling Stones app, which is free and gives you the usual news, tour dates and other bits of media, also lets you listen to clips of the Stones' tunes. That's all pretty standard fair, but for 69p you can unlock a VIP area within the app, which promises exclusive video interviews, performances, and you can even vote on what your fave tracks to be busted out on the Stones' next tour dates.

A couple of artists have tried this kind of app-thing before, but it's surprising, and impressive to see such aging rockers going that route. Go where the new market is I guess. [Music Alley, NME]