Anonymous vs. the Law, the Law Seems to be Winning

By Chris Mills on at

Remember those Anonymous attacks way back in 2010? PayPal, Mastercard and the Ministry of Sound, to name a few, got the Anonymous treatment. Well, it's taken a while, but at least one of the Anonymous hive has been dragged (probably kicking and screaming) away from his computer screen, and is being charged with some pretty serious crap in court.

Northumberland University student Christopher Weatherhead is the accused; the hacktivist's been brought up on charges of "conspiring to impair the operation of computers". In one attack of note on PayPal, he and his virtual chums cost the site £3.5 million of damage, and left a cyber-mess that took 100 employees three weeks to mop up. Well, if nothing else, it goes to show that Anonymous are pretty serious enemies to have -- but not invincible, as one of their members is finding out. Anyone taking bets on how long it takes for some UK Criminal Justice System websites to get hit? [BBC via Techradar]