Apple Adds Jelly Bean Galaxy S III and Note II to US Patent War Blacklist

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple has filed new complaints against Samsung in the US as part of its ongoing patent battle, adding yet more Android-powered Samsung devices to its list of things it would like to see nuked out of existence.

The updated filing sees Apple add the Galaxy S III to the list once more, with a separate complaint lodged to cover the version of the phone recently updated to the 4.1 Jelly Bean version of Google's code. Even the newly launched Samsung Galaxy S III Mini has been added to the complaints list, despite not yet being on sale in the US, with the Galaxy Note II, a couple of Samsung's tablets and a US-only model also now on Apple's hit list.

As bad as this sounds for Samsung, it's not really going to impact on its Android ambitions in the near term. The case won't be heard until March of 2014, by which time the above models will have been long since relegated to the sock drawers of tech enthusiasts and/or handed down to kids.

For Apple, this is all about proving a broad infringement by Samsung, increasing any possible future damages payments. [FOSS Patents]