Apple Finally Fixed the iMessage Bug That Let Stolen iPhones Receive Messages Not Meant for Them

By Casey Chan on at

iMessage, which can be a fickle bitch sometimes, had an annoying, downright scary flaw that remained unfixed for too long: if your iPhone got stolen, the stolen phone would keep receiving messages sent via iMessage even after a remote wipe out and deactivation. That meant the thief who stole your phone, could see your messages. Apparently, it's been fixed. Thank God.

The Next Web is reporting that the bug has been fixed with iOS 6 because Apple finally found the sense to up its security measures. Specifically:

According to a source with knowledge of Apple's steps to correct the matter, the issue has been fixed in iOS 6 through a variety of checks placed on iMessage. The most important of these is that Apple now uses its push systems to force a user to re-enter a password to use iMessage once your Apple ID credentials have been changed.

This means that, if your phone is stolen, you can change your Apple ID password and all of your devices will require that password to be re-entered before anyone can use iMessage on it.

The Next Web also reports that moving your SIM into a new phone or wiping your phone through Find My iPhone will also stop the stolen iPhone from receiving your iMessages. It took Apple a little too long to fix this problem but thankfully they did. Having a thief use your phone and see your messages was all kinds of wrong. [The Next Web]