Apple Generates Insane Profits That Are More Than Basically Everyone Else In Tech Combined

By Jonny Sullens on at

We're used to hearing how Apple makes an absolute hatful of money, and that it's sitting on a massive war chest of cash, but this really puts it in perspective: Apple generates more profit than Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Amazon, Yahoo, and eBay combined. Holy crap.

New figures out of Statisa indicate Apple pulls in some £26 billion in profit, which is around £4.5 billion more than the big six above all lumped into one pot. That's insane. Not only that, but it's considerably larger than even the PC giants, Intel, IBM, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, HP and Dell, who together generate just £12 billion. Hell, Walt Disney, News Corp, TimeWarner, Viacom, and Comcast combined only generate about the same £12 billion too.

To put that in perspective, Apple could hire the world's highest paid footballer, Lionel Messi, on about £27.5 million a year, 945 times over. In fact, Apple could probably just buy the whole of a Premiership with profits alone. That really is incredible. [Statista via TechRadar]