Apple 'Pulls a Google' and Lets Employees Build Their Own Personal Projects on Company Time

By Sam Gibbs on at

Google's world-famous '20 per cent time' has produced quite a lot of tools that we now take for granted -- just look at Gmail and Google Maps. Now Apple's apparently caved into the idea too, and is letting certain employees take time off work to develop special projects, not necessarily related to Apple, called 'Blue Sky'.

Basically, Apple's hoping to attract the best and the brightest, as well as keep its current staff happy. It's a great idea, especially if the next big thing comes out of it; Google's certainly made it work wonders in the past. It's a pretty alien concept to most outside the tech sector though -- paid working time you can spend on doing your personal stuff -- can you imagine a bank or some generic office allowing you to do that kind of thing? A cardboard car made entirely out of office stationary anyone? [Wall Street Journal]