Apple's Finally Going to Release iTunes 11 Any Minute Now

By Sam Gibbs on at

Apple said its next iteration of the now bloated and sluggish media hub, iTunes 11, would come first in October, then November. December is fast approaching and it's still not here yet, but according to notes sent out to music producers, it should be here any day now, despite America being on Thanskgiving.

Something tells me that we're not going to see it today, or tomorrow for that matter, but early next week is totally possible. We've seen all the new things Apple's throwing into iTunes, but apparently we'll be able to browse massive images of artists. Brilliant. Let's just hope it sorts out the code base and makes it the lean-mean media machine it once was, and not the bloated mess it is today. You shouldn't need a Mac Pro to get it to run right for goodness sake. [MacRumors via TUAW]