Apple's Patented Possibly the Most Annoying Thing Ever

By Sam Gibbs on at

Them youfs, who play incredibly annoying music in public places on their phones, like the bus or tube, might have just gotten the gift they need to actually step the irritation up a notch (if that's actually possible) thanks to Apple. It's patented 'dual-mode' headphones that double up as external speakers. Great.

Actually, they sound pretty awesome; I just hope they don't end up being shipped with iPhones and iPods. The idea is that the headphones have a built-in amplifier for blasting tunes out into the open. When the headphone is rotated away from the head, the amplifier kicks in and spits, possibly distortion-full tunes into the ether.

To avoid deafening yourself accidentally, there'll be built-in sensors to detect your ear. In-ear headphones are also mentioned, with a speaker on the outside for annoying all with crappy, tinny music, which sounds just plain awesome, right? Patents are as patents will be, so who knows whether these will ever get made into actual products, but there's something deep within me that hopes that the in-ear ones never, ever get made. [Apple Insider via MacWorld]

Image credit: Music from Shutterstock