Apple's Samsung Apology Hits the UK Newspapers, But Doesn't Seem Any More Heartfelt

By Gary Cutlack on at

Apple's apology to Samsung has hit the printed newspapers today, with the above text spotted on page five of today's Guardian. It's shorter than the one it was ordered to rewrite, but does it sound like Apple means it this time?

As with the apology that appeared on Apple's web site, this "apology" isn't called an apology and doesn't contain the word "sorry" or anything vaguely similar. It's a small, short, factual summary of the case in which Samsung was found not to have copied Apple's iPad design, along with a link to the ruling we doubt anyone would bother typing in.

Also, following news that Apple was ordered to apologise again and do it properly this time, the previous apology to Samsung has been removed from Apple UK's home page. Someone inside Apple HQ is biting down on a pencil, swallowing their pride and preparing a new one right this very minute. [Twitter]