Are Big Boobs a Weapon? Yes, Says Germany

By Chris Mills on at

Have you ever thought about how you're gonna die, or tried to work out the most pleasant way to go? Odds are you haven't though about being suffocated in a giant pair of breasts (and if you have, you've got issues). This is precisely what happened to one lucky unfortunate German man, however: attempted murder by tits.

In possibly the most bizarre court case ever, a successful 30-year-old German businessman is claiming that his busty girlfriend tried to suffocate him in her sumptuous (38DD, if you were wondering) chest; she reckons it was just a particularly vigorous sex game. Either way, she's been charged with "attempted manslaughter with a weapon"; luckily, her boyfriend managed to foil her murder attempt/sex game, and ran, naked and screaming, to his neighbour. Now wouldn't that be something to open the door to. [Metro]

Image credit: Breasts from Shutterstock