Bacon-Scented Shaving Cream Is a Work of Pure Genius

By Sam Gibbs on at

What's better than bacon in the morning? Nothing, that's what. But when you just don't have time for breakfast? Bacon-scented shaving cream of course. Slather the rich bacon lather on your chops and you'll be 'smelling and feeling like a champion' in no time.

It sounds like a joke, but it's really not. J&Ds in the US is genuinely selling bacon-scented 'luxury' shaving cream:

"With just one use of J&Ds Bacon Shaving Cream, you will smell and feel like a champion. We image that this is what Vikings would have used this to mow down their impenetrable forest of man-beard.

Our rich moisturisers and essential oils ensure a high-performance, smooth shaving experience. Advanced heat-activated aromatic technology lasts for hours and delivers maximum bacon scent when you need it most.

With J&Ds Bacon Shaving Cream, prepare to be loved, admired and possibly be eaten by bears."

What's more it only costs £10 a pot, well, in the US that is. But considering Morrison's stocks most of J&D's other products, like Bacon salt, I'm sure it won't be long before UK is flooded with bacon cream. Go out smelling of bacon and you're sure to pull. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if it worked like those Lynx ads; just one whiff and they'll be all over you. [J&D's via Metro]

Image credit: Shaving from Shutterstock