Ballmer Says Surface Sales "Modest"; We Say Crap

By Chris Mills on at

Ah, poor Microsoft. Despite ad campaigns and pop-up stores galore, it doesn't look like Microsoft's first big play into the hardware market has paid off in the first week. Even Steve Ballmer, the master of big optimistic predictions, is calling Surface sales "modest".

To be precise, when asked about sales of the Surface RT by Le Parisien, Microsoft's shy and understated CEO said that sales of Microsoft's new baby "are starting modestly". Which, coming from the Microsoft head-shed himself, is another way of saying it's all going pretty terribly - while good ole' Steve didn't give any cold hard figures, I reckon it's safe to say that the Surface isn't going to be breaking any first-week sales figures. But, as Ballmer was very quick to point out in the interview, the Surface Pro is "on the way". So, what do you reckon - is the RT destined to be the forgotten bastard child of the Microsoft brood? [Le Parisien via Techeye]