Be Quick on the Draw – Even if You Can't Draw!

By Your Mobile Life on at

Imagine if you could sketch ideas without having to draw a single line. Well, with Idea Sketch on the GALAXY Note II, that becomes a reality. Whether you're putting together a presentation for work, creating a birthday card for a loved one or just doodling ideas, Idea Sketch gives you the tools to make your designs more impressive.

It’s easy to get to this innovative feature. Just fire up the S Note app and tap the 'Insert' icon, revealing an option to Idea Sketch your thoughts. From here all you need to do is write whatever you want to see a picture of, and the Note II will give you many options to choose from.

So whether you write ‘cat’, ‘baby’ or even ‘whale’, the powerful handwriting recognition combined with the vast gallery of pictures on offer means you'll always have something fun to use when you need it.

The option isn't just limited to S Note, either. Once you've chosen your picture, you can place it in other apps too, enabling you to make an email more personal, or improve the sketch you're working on. You can even edit the picture as you see fit with the finesse of the S Pen to get the exact effect you want.

Get the Doodle Bug

Of course, the more artistically minded among us will want to extend the amount of pictures on offer - and Samsung has made this fantastically easy as well, thanks to the ability to draw your own pictures and have them show up as an option when the correct word is written.

The possibilities with Idea Sketch extend to education as well - you can get your children to practice simple words like 'bird' or 'baby' and if they manage to enter the word correctly they'll be rewarded with fun images they can manipulate and play with!

So whether impressing your boss with a professional presentation on the fly or helping your children learn lifelong skills, the GALAXY Note II is the tool you need to let you imagination do the work for you!