Bletchley Park Veterans Needed to Solve 70-Year-Old Dead Pigeon Mystery

By Gary Cutlack on at

A dead pigeon pulled out of a man's chimney was found to have a little red capsule attached to its leg, which contained an encoded message from the D-Day landings. Problem is, today's decrypting experts can't crack it. Can your granddad help?

Historians from GCHQ are asking elderly Bletchley Park employees for their help in interpreting the message pulled from the homing pigeon's pouch, as without knowing some context details it's proving impossible to decode and read the message. The hope is that one of the retired codebreakers may be able to recognise the type of encryption used, letting his or her younger counterparts read this incredible message from history.

The brave messenger pigeon itself was found in a chimney in Bletchingley, Surrey, and is believed to have made its way across the channel from the D-Day landings, back on June 6, 1944. It got lost and stuck, then died. Maybe now its life won't have been sacrificed in vain. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Homing pigeon from Shutterstock