Borderlands 2 Is Your "What, Pandora Is a Planet as Well as an American Music Service?" Deal of the Day

By Andy Dawson on at

Did you buy Borderlands 2 at full price when it came out about six weeks ago? If you did, we hope you enjoyed it because if you’d waited you could have had it for half price.

Yes, you could have forked out much less money and be on the brink of treasure hunting around the planet of Pandora (it says here), with new characters and character classes to play as, and lots of new guns to play with, building on the original's unique weapon system. Does this make it sound as though we’ve never played the thing? Guilty – but we’ll be forking out the £19.99 (Xbox and PS3) and £14.99 (PC) RIGHT NOW!


Today's Bonus Dealz

- Dark Knight Rises trilogy (Blu-Ray) - FREE with any Toshiba Blu-Ray player (from £60)
- God Of War Saga Collection game and official Sony Red Wireless Dualshock Controller (PS3) – only £49.99.
- Nikon Coolpix L25 10MP compact digital camera – only £39.99.
- Google Nexus 7 32GB - £199 (with cashback and other offers)
- Resident Evil 6 Steelbook Edition (Xbox360) – just £24.99.
- PlayStation All-Stars-themed sale @ PlayStation Store.
- Canon PowerShot SX150 14MP compact digital camera – only £69.99.
- Transformers War For Cybertron (Xbox 360) – yours for £9.85.
- Bush Arden wooden DAB radio – just £29.99.
- Tales of Graces (Special Day 1 Edition) PS3 – only £24.85.
- Super Scribblenauts (Nintendo DS) – only £4.95.
- Rage: Anarchy Edition (PS3/Xbox 360) – just £7.98.

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