BT Trials Cable-Meltingly Fast Broadband

By Chris Mills on at

Hold on to your hats everyone, we have liftoff. British Telecom's just unveiled a proof-of-concept network, here in the sunny UK no less, that's running at 10Gbps. Yeah, that's right. Broadband at 10 freaking gigabits per second -- internet so fast it's just plain pointless.

At the moment, the hyper-speeds are being reserved for just one company, engineering firm Arcol UK in Cornwall. The lucky buggers have a direct fibre link to the BT exchange in Truro; though it's claimed as 10Gbps internet, the only actual component that runs at that speed is the aforementioned fibre link -- the rest of the world wide web can't quite cope with these sorts of speeds yet. Still, I bet they're still pretty chuffed with their Speedtest results -- especially considering they changed to this from a shared 1.5Mpbs line.

The network actually doesn't require the several thousand tonnes of fibre-optic you might expect; it's just boxes added on at either end of the cable. Excitingly, then, anyone on the BT fibre network should theoretically be able to get these speeds at some point in the future. So, if you've ever had the desire to stream every episode of Friends ever made, in HD, simeltaneously, your time may be coming. For everyone else, what would you do with 10Gbps broadband? [BT]

Image credit: Speedometer from Shutterstock