Budget Lidl Whisky Getting Booze Experts Drunk With Delight

By Gary Cutlack on at

Next time you're shamelessly picking up a trolley full of cheap Polish chocolate down at your local Lidl be sure to grab a bottle of Scotch at the same time, as connoisseurs say the chain is stocking an absolute classic of a single malt.

The tipple in question is a new 33-year-old Maxwell Single Malt Scotch Whisky the discount chain is selling for a not inconsiderable £39.99. However, whisky experts claim it's a stonking brew which ought to be attracting prices approaching the £100 mark and is such a winner it should find itself a place among the racked bottles of spirit collectors.

Whisky expert Jim Murray scored the bottle at 95 out of 100, a score usually reserved for bottles selling at many multiples of the price of this Lidl booze, which has been sourced from an unnamed Scottish distillery. [The Grocer]