Cadbury Develops Non-Melting Chocolate -- But Will You Be Able To Eat It?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Choco specialist Cadbury is claiming to have invented a new chocolate formula that can survive the furnace-like atmosphere of the car dashboard, with its new choc recipe able to withstand 40-degree heat for over three hours.

The new "temperature-tolerant chocolate" is described in a patent application by Cadbury, which says the maker beats its ingredients to a finer pulp as part of the process of creating the new chocolate, with the smaller pieces of sugar and other ingredients holding less fat and therefore making the bars less prone to melting.

You won't get to try it unless you head off somewhere hot for your holidays though, as Cadbury's current plan is to only offer this new choc format in warmer countries. Although, as it'll require quite a bit more chewing to get through and probably won't offer quite the same mouth-melting orgasmic experience as traditional chocolate, perhaps that's for the best. [Daily Mail via Patent Search]