Can You Tell the Difference Between Haribo and Cocaine?

By Chris Mills on at

The world's worst drug dealer was up in court today over his actions at Halloween, which saw him give a couple of unfortunate children cocaine rather than the more traditional sweets. But, it's all fine, because it was an "honest mistake" 'guv, and he just mistook the coke for Haribo. Easily done, no doubt.

The sorry tale, in case you don't remember, is that a few children out trick-or-treating in Oldham found an extra-special powder in their treat-bags that was a bit more potent than sherbert -- cocaine. Apparently the offender, a one Donald Junior Green, had stuck it into their bags when they knocked on the door, thinking it was Haribo. (This begs the question, how high must he have already been to be giving away free drugs?)

Still, having been arrested, he coughed to possession of drugs; his solicitor described his actions as "grossly foolhardy but none-the-less accidental; he did not set out to commit a crime and did try to put it right." Well, that makes it all ok then -- just as long as he tried to put it right.

Is it just me who feels a tad aggreived that he's only being charged with possession of drugs, rather than something more serious? I mean, he gave drugs to small children! Just imagine what would've happened if they'd sampled their unsolicited treats; if you think 4-year-olds are bad when they're all stoked up on sugar, I can't imagine class-A narcotics would be any better for their temprament. [BBC]

Image credit: Cocaine from Shutterstock