Canada Welcomes a New Member To Its Horned Dinosaur Family

By Andrew Liszewski on at

After being discovered and misidentified back in 1958, the fossil remains of a massive twenty foot long, two-ton horned dinosaur found in Alberta have finally been acknowledged as a new species. Although there's no evidence, scientists* speculate that Xenoceratops foremostensis fled north from what is now the United States 80 million years ago after being displeased with prehistoric election results.

Xenoceratops—which means alien horned-face—is a brand-new species of the horned ceratopsid family, and, despite the impressive showing of spikes around its face and frill, it was actually thought to be a peaceful vegetarian. The natural armaments and weaponry were only in place to defend itself against carnivores and other larger predators. Because if you think moose are large and intimidating now, just imagine what their ancestors would have been like during the Mesozoic era. [Canadian Journal of Earth Sciences via Geekosystem]