Caption This Dumb Picture of RIM's CEO Taking a Picture with a BlackBerry 10 Phone at a Basketball Game

By Casey Chan on at

BlackBerry 10 is probably going to come out one day in the future, in the same way that an asteroid the size of Canada will probably hit and destroy Earth one day in the future. But regardless, some way to drum up interest is to... leak pictures of your own CEO using a pre-production BlackBerry 10 smartphone at a basketball game? I guess.

To be honest, it kinda looks like Thorsten Heins (the CEO) and Andrew Bocking (Senior VP of Product Management) don't really know how to use their phones. Anyways. We must laugh at this picture. We must laugh a lot, so give me a few good captions about this picture down below. For context, Heins and Bocking are a Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns game for some reason (I guess cause hockey is locked out?). [Crackberry, NY Mag]