Check Out This North Korean Assassin's Bond-Worthy Arsenal of Spy Weapons

By Chris Mills on at

James Bond, eat your heart out. Though the Skyfall hero was slightly lacking in gadgets in his last outing, that hasn't stopped North Korea from manufacturing a whole arsenal of seemingly Bond-inspired weapons: poison pens, bullet ballpoints, and, my particular favourite, a handy gun flashlight.

The North Korean spook who was carrying this lot (he must've been planning one hell of a party) was nabbed last year on the streets of Seoul after a failed assassination attempt. The authorities have only just seen fit to reveal his whole bag of goodies (presumably 'cos they were too busy "testing" the gadgets themselves), and they're all quite neat.

First up is a poison pen; disguised as a Parker ballpoint, a button push activates a poison-filled needle, which you then stab into your unsuspecting victim. Next is another stainless steel "writing impliment"; this beauty fires a poison-coated bullet, which is designed to penetrate the skin and then release the toxin. The final (and most brutally badass) of the three is a flashlight, which has three bullets (where the bulbs should be); with a similar sort of range to a pistol, you won't be sniping any enemies of the state with this thing, but it should serve to help your getaway after you've botched the poisoning job.

The message is clear then: if you're a South Korean activist, try and use your own pen when you're signing autographs. Oh, and if you want to live out your 007 fantasies, don't bother with the whole MI6 thing; just go work for the bad guys, they've clearly got a better quartermaster. [CNN]

Image credit: Spy from Shutterstock