Comet's Remaining Limbs Divvied Up by Circling Vultures

By Chris Mills on at

So, it looks like Comet's sad demise is to end with the different arms being chopped up and flogged off to the rest of the UK retail electronics industry. After stabilising the business, administrators Deloitte's are now looking at which profitable living chunks they can rip off the great sinking HMS Comet.

According to "sources involved in discussions", Dixons is looking at snapping up "five or six" of the stores, but only in retail parks where there's no overlap. To be fair, Dixons has already had a fair bit of profit out of Comet's demise, poaching 3,000 of their (well-trained?) staff.

Maplins, that other great high-street juggernaut, is apparently also looking at some of the stores, and other sources say it's made a bid for the online part of the Comet operation. Lesser-known e-commerce sites like Shop Direct and Appliances Direct are also said to be interested in Comet online, since apparently the brand name is valuable -- to be fair, a household name would make consumer more confident with buying online.

Sadly, the outlook isn't so good for Comet's employees; Deloitte's started to swing the axe, with 330 staff getting the boot last week -- though all back-office staff, the sales worker bees seem to be safe for now. [The Register]