David Cameron's Government iPad App is Real and he's Reading Twitter on it Right Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

David Cameron's been caught bending the truth a bit over the matter of his iPad app. Earlier in the year it was rumoured the PM was testing an official government mobile app, a rumour the PM subsequently denied. But he was. He's using right now, in fact.

The PM's bespoke iPad app (which is actually more of a mobile web site) features job and property data provided by Adzuna, which claims a beta version of the app is "currently being tested by a small group of people within Number 10 and other senior officials" pending a full launch to senior officials. Here's Adzuna with a little more detail:

The Dashboard is designed to keep the Prime Minister and senior figures across Government informed across a handful of key performance indicators - economic, political and governmental. The sections include data on trending topics from major search engines; Adzuna’s real-time stats on job vacancy numbers, salary trends and regional housing supply; economic indicators from the ONS; and information about government services, spending and efficiency.

The governmental mobile site also "has a home screen containing key news, polling data, Twitter feeds, analyst comment and the Number 10 diary for the day - then 3 further tabs for Jobs, Housing and Government," according to Adzuna, although it doesn't come with anything as fancy as nuclear launch abilities. It sounds like it's more of a glorified RSS reader.