Did Syria Just Turn Off The Internet?

By Sam Biddle on at

Lights out, rebels: it looks like the Syrian government just blacked out almost the entire country's access to the web. This is cyber warfare.

Internet-monitoring firm Renesys says "77 networks experienced an outage in Syria starting at 10:26 UTC on November 29. This represents 92% of the routed networks in the country." That's a big chunk of the country's infrastructure that just went dark. Danger Room spoke to an activist working with Syria's rebel forces who confirms the outage.

A smaller outage could be chalked up to an errant mortar shell, but 92 per cent of the entire country? Only the Syrian regime has the power to create that kind of lockout at will. [Renesys via Danger Room]

Unrelated video of Syrian regime helicopter blown up by rebels used as a metaphor. For the Internet, y'know?