Dominican Republic Cinema-Goers are First to Get Soundtrack-Shaking Chairs

By Saeed Al-Rubeyi on at

One lucky theatre in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, was the world's first cinema to have Tremor FX seats installed -- the derriere-shaking chairs that give moviegoers "a more immersive theatre experience."

The chairs vibrate in three places, and respond to the audiotrack of the movie -- meaning movies don't have to be edited specifically for the chairs. Better still, the Tremor FX chairs are about the same size as regular cinema seats, so picturehouses can relax knowing they can still fit the same amount of (now shaking) bums on seats.

Can you imagine a cinema with these and the Atmos system installed?  I can, but let's hope it comes with an 'off switch', or I could see a lot of spilled drink in my future. [Cnet via Tremor FX]