Doodling Made a Doddle

By Your Mobile Life on at

The GALAXY Note II comes with the innovative S Pen, a clever tool that opens up a whole new world of freestyle sketching, drawing, handwritten note-taking and much more.

Typing can be a pain, especially if you’re still getting the hang of today’s touchscreen keyboards, so you’ll often find it easier to scribble down your notes and messages rather then type, plus it means you can engage in the traditional phone call habit of happily, absent-mindedly doodling away while chatting to your friends.

Even the simple act of making notes while on a phone call is usually quite tough using a standard smartphone. But the Note II is no ordinary mobile.

Samsung's Popup Note tool makes note-taking while on a call super simple, and even half automates the process thanks to the way the app instantly pops open when you remove the S Pen so you can take notes and send them right away while on a call. It’s as if it knows.

This action tells the phone you want to scribble down a quick note, whether it's taking down a number or some directions, without the worry you're going to press the wrong button and accidentally terminate the call. It’s simpler and quicker, plus it’s so much nicer having a handwritten reminder of something than a typed chunk of text.

S Note on the Samsung GALAXY Note II

The Write Stuff

Take writing down directions, for example. Drawing a big left arrow and a roundabout, or even just a wiggly line incorporating the turnings, is a much, much easier way of reproducing a route than typing in left, right, straight on for a bit and so on, so you’ll find yourself reaching for the S Pen to record directions rather than opening up a text box and trying to type it. Drawing’s just easier.

General notes are easier, too. You’ll find yourself writing out your shopping lists, as it’s just quicker and easier writing something like “sausages x3” using your own hand than fiddling about with the keyboard. Plus you can use the same handwriting recognition technology to enter text when sending emails and text messages, attaching lists you’ve already made as image attachments too.

Helping you remember important stuff, like the names of people you've randomly accosted, is Samsung's Photo Note tool. This lets you add additional data to any photos you've taken, written on the 'back' of digital shots in your own handwriting, so you can tag and personalise shots with memories, times, places and maybe, if you got lucky, phone numbers and email addresses.

The most important thing to remember is that the S Pen is also pressure sensitive, recognizing an impressive 1,024 pressure levels, so the harder you press, the thicker the line it draws. That makes handwriting look and feel natural and appear much more readable on the phone’s display, while drawing and doodling using the superb Paper Artist app becomes infinitely more satisfying.