Dorm-Warming Gifts for Your Uni Roommate

By Casey Chan on at

You're young, you're probably broke and you might not even really like your roommate. But you know what? That uni roommate of yours is on the short list of people—which includes your parents, your brothers and sisters and your husband/wife—that you're going to live with. You want to get them something. Here's what.


Beer Kit

You university folks either know this already or will learn it soon enough. Drinking is bonding. Drinking is uni. Drinking is life. Drinking can be a little harder than you want when you're living in the big city (and broke). So get a Beer Kit for the two of you to brew some fizzy alcohol in your little dorm room. Pretend you're making meth. Yes, you get to be Walter White. Your roommate will be Jesse. And you'll both be the coolest kids in the dorm because there'll always be an endless supply of beer. £53 from Amazon


Sonic Boom Alarm Clock

Do people even use alarm clocks anymore? Yes, they do. It's called the awful, noisy Top 40 ringtone that blares out of your roommate's stupid iPhone. Now you hate Katy Perry because of your roommate. Save yourself from being rudely awakened (and from hating Katy Perry) by buying him an alarm clock that vibrates him awake. Paying for this gift is paying for your sanity. £33 from LiGo


Hoodie Pillow

Covering your roommate's ears isn't enough though. You need to cover the eyes too. And asking a roommate to wear an eye mask might be taking it a little too far. But a tongue in cheek gift of a hoodie pillow? The pillow that even people who own Snuggies would point and laugh at? That gives your roommate an option to duck inside the hood when the uglies get to knocking. Plus, it's absolutely hilarious. £30 from HoodiePillow


Chalkboard Door Hanger

It's simple. A sock on the door is embarrassing and gross. A note written on a chalkboard door handle? That's exactly what you need to communicate with your roommate through a closed door. It's one of those gifts that you and your roommate will both use. Also known as the best kind of gifts. Pro tip: use code words. £6.25 from eCrater



Peltor Optime III Ear Muffs

But if you get lucky so often that horizontal dancing is happening every day that has a D in it, a pair of nice looking headphones won't cut it for your roommate. Your roommate needs true, sound blocking headphones that screams, curdles, oomphs, thoomphs and oopsies won't be heard. People wear the Peltor Optime III Ear Muffs while shooting guns. Your roommate can wear it every time he walks around in the room. £18 from Amazon

Sony headphones


Sony MDRZX100 Headphones

Here's the thing: these headphones aren't any good. But guess what? They're dirt cheap, they look good and most importantly, they block out noise. Noise that you and a fellow bed partner might make on the off chance you got lucky at last night's party. Noise that you might not want your roommate to hear. Noise that he'll be thankful he can block out because you bought him a pair of headphones that look great. £13 from Amazon


Magic Bullet

The magic bullet was my favourite dorm room accessory. Mixed drinks, smoothies, dip! £50 from Amazon

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