Dyson Takes Dustbusting Up a Notch With Two Tiers of Dirt-Sucking Cyclones

By Sam Gibbs on at

Dyson's just launched its latest assault on the vacuuming world. Meet the DC47 and DC50, the first cylinder vacuums with two whole tiers of filth annihilating cyclones, which capture even more microscopic dust making your place cleaner than it has ever been before. Well, if you bother to actually hoover that is.

The idea is that the smaller the cyclone the faster the air spins, separating more microscopic dust and dumping it into the bin. Dyson's made it so the air spins so fast that even particles of dirt as tiny as 0.5 microns get sucked out -- that's 1/5,000th of a pin head. As James Dyson himself put it:

"2 Tier Radial cyclones are the latest development of our patented cyclone technology.  By making the cyclones smaller, the air travels faster meaning we can extract more microscopic dust from the air."

Both the DC47 and 50 also rock Dyson's ball technology, so they're nice and easy to manoeuvre around, while the two-channel floor tool on the DC47, and the new carbon fibre bristled direct-drive head on the DC50 that nukes static, make sure all that mini-cyclone-powered suction power is applied to your carpets evenly.

It apparently took 24 engineers across two continents, with 20 prototype cyclone packs to come up with the DC47, while the DC50 is the culmination of three years work. Both are tested to destruction, some 50,000 hours of sucking, so as with most things Dyson it's pretty well engineered. In fact, they've managed to cram over 100 different components into that small ball it rolls on, including ducting and 5m of cable.

The DC47 should be cleaning up your world from £320 on November 12th available direct from Dyson or John Lewis, with the world-plus-dog getting it come January next year. The DC50 Animal will set you back £350 from today.