Early Adopters Suffer as Day One Wii U Update Bricks Consoles

By Gary Cutlack on at

A large, essential patch for Nintendo's just-launched Wii U console is causing some stress for US buyers of the new games machine, with reports claiming the firmware update is "bricking" machines if the process is interrupted.

News of bricking instances is a bit all over the place, with some users saying quitting the process or experiencing power outages while installing the firmware has broken their machines, while others make the shocking claim that even a server time out error while downloading the update can completely kill a Wii U while it's updating.

Also, the size of the update is pegged at anywhere from 1GB to 5GB, with Nintendo's servers currently so slow that the process is taking an age, leading to bored users quitting in frustration and... breaking everything.

Whatever the facts, it's rather poor of Nintendo to require such a huge update on launch day, when all the Nintendo-loving kids and adults want to do is plough on with the latest Mario sequel. Hopefully it'll be sorted in time for the UK launch, which is due to happen on November 30th. [Ars]