EE Delays SIM-Only Tariff Launch For A Possible "Two Weeks"

By Saeed Al-Rubeyi on at

Regardless of your views on prohibitive pricing plans, 4G is now available for the masses -- if you can stump up the cash for a phone and contract. EE had previously promised that people with 4G-ready handsets would be able to pick up cheaper SIM-only tariffs from today, though they have irritatingly failed to materialise.

EE tweeted yesterday that the SIM-only plans won't be coming today, but rather sometime within "the next 2 weeks". The delay is said to be a result of their "comprehensive testing process over-running slightly" -- though just what that testing is remains unclear. EE's Twitter account certainly seems to be awash with troubleshooters, though no more than you'd expect from a network operator.

While data limits remain the same for the SIM-only plans, the monthly cost is reduced, and with the stated influx of "a huge amount of customers," the delay may be a strategic ploy to get eager beavers to opt in for one of their 24 month phone and SIM deals. Let's cynically hope that is the case, rather than the network worrying about oversubscription, or their comprehensive testing finding anything too serious. [Techcrunch]