EE In Hot Water Over "4G Is Here" Claim

By Sam Gibbs on at

EE might have just launched the UK's only 4G network, but it's not having the best of times right now. Not only is its "half-baked" backend system screwing new customer set ups, its now getting a bashing from Trading Standards, because no, 4G isn't here (yet), at least in Plymouth.

The problem is that EE's in-store adverts and branding specifically state "4G is here", which in some cases it just isn't. In fact, unless you live in the first 11 LTE-enabled cities, 4G certainly isn't 'here' just yet. At least, that's what Trading Standards is looking at, having had EE reported to the retail agency for some misleading adverts in its Plymouth store.

According to EE the posters were put up in error in Plymouth, which has Bristol as the closest place to get 4G to the seaside town. EE is rolling out its 4G network as quickly as possible, with most of the country covered by 2014, but that means it's going to be a good year before EE can claim that 4G is truly here, everywhere. Something tells me it'll just be a slap on the wrist and nothing major from Trading Standards, but it doesn't do EE any good either way. [Telegraph]

Image credit: Mobile mast from Shutterstock