EE Quietly Bumps Its 4G Mobile Broadband Plans By 3GB

By Sam Gibbs on at

If you can't stomach the thought of forking out for a 4G phone, then a portable hotspot or dongle is the next best thing, even with restrictive data caps. Now EE's given you a bit more data to play with, boosting the top cap from 5GB to 8GB. Still not plentiful, but better than nothing.

The plans start at £16 a month, which now packs 3GB of data up from just 2GB, with the top 8GB plan costing you £26 a month. That's not actually too bad, considering most other mobile broadband-only plans are pretty costly on their own, and 8GB on a phone will set you back considerably more. Maybe a 4G MiFi is the way forward? [Zdnet]

Image credit: 4G from Shutterstock