EE's Having Issues Actually Setting Up New Customers on Its "Rush Job" 4G Network

By Sam Gibbs on at

The network itself might be solid, and awesome if you're loaded, but its backend accounts system that handles new customers and sending out 4G SIMs has been having serious "teething problems". It looks like EE's rush to get 4G out there as quickly as possible has caused some major headaches for new customers and the network alike.

We've had several readers complain about massive issues getting set up on EE's new 4G network, with some people having to cancel their orders, or potentially wait weeks with barely any information, or worse still, getting sent T-mobile SIMs time and time again instead of 4G-enabled EE ones.

Now, in a statement released to the Telegraph, EE has admitted that the network's been suffering from issues getting new customers set up and running on 4G:

"In a small number of instances in week one, a gap in a process on SIM distribution has delayed customers in accessing the EE network. We have now identified the teething problem in this process and a dedicated team has resolved all issues it created on a customer-by-customer basis."

It's unknown how many people have really been affected by the customer service failings here, but considering quite a few people have been vocalising their frustrations on Twitter, blogs, and even to our tips box, I'd say it was a fair few here and there.

There's no doubt we appreciate EE rolling out 4G early, considering we'd been waiting so long for the government and UK networks to get their act together on 4G in the UK. It's just a shame the backend hasn't managed to match the speed and relatively thorough rollout of the 4G coverage. Let's hope EE gets its act together and nukes these issues nice and fast, so those with money to burn can do so, chewing through data at 30Mbps.

Has anyone here had major issues getting signed up and activated on the EE 4G network? [Telegraph]