English Defence League Gets Hacked...Again!

By Chris Mills on at

Whoops, looks like the English Defence League should think about some slightly better security. The far-right political action group was hacked (again) this weekend, losing control of their entire website for a good 24 hours, and still haven't got control of their domain back.

The defacement (which can be viewed at defacement mirrorĀ zone-h.orgĀ here, quite NSFW) isn't particularly imaginative, to tell the truth, but I think it's safe to say that they made their point. More scarily for those closet EDL members out there, the hacktivist group behind it, ZHC, are also saying that they managed to get copies of the membership lists and are going to publish them in due course.

I'll defer comment on whether or not I think this is a good thing; what's for sure, though, is that the EDL should maybe spend a little more time and money securing their site against those who don't agree with some of their more.....contentious views. [The Register]

Image credit: Hacker from Shutterstock