Facebook Updates its Super Special Buddy Friendship Pages

By Gary Cutlack on at

Facebook has upgraded the look of its "Friendship" pages, bringing a new feel to the parts of the site that celebrate all the joys two people can have when endlessly tagging photos of each other on the internet.

The idea is to create a better way of keeping track of interactions between yourself and a particular friend, with these sub-pages automatically populating with photos and events in which both you and this special other person have been tagged. Clicking the gear icon while adoringly gazing at a friend's profile lets you see your Friendship status. So many happy memories.

The new Friendship layout has also spread to the nauseating "us" section of the site, which creates odd conjoined listings that feature yourself and anyone who's openly consented to being "in a relationship" with you. Find that at facebook.com/us if you're one of the proud and happily coupled. [Facebook]