Forget Halo 4, This Is What Bungie's Working on Now

By Gary Cutlack on at

Original Halo developer Bungie may have stepped away from the Xbox shooter franchise, but there's still plenty to get excited about whenever its designers put digital pen to digital paper. This is Destiny, Bungie's new title and an attempt at making a game universe as big and diverse as that of Star Wars.

We first heard about Destiny back in May, when its existence was revealed as part of a court battle involving Bungie's new publisher friend Activision. According to new leaked documentation sent to IGN, Destiny is set 700 years from now, and follows the events after the "Golden Age" of man in which aliens decide to pay us a visit.

While Bungie's marketing document describes the games as being "social at its core," we don't yet know enough about it to decide if that means it's some form of MMORPG, or just a whopping great shooter. [Bungie via IGN]