Foxton's Property Mogul Wants a Batcave Under His House

By Chris Mills on at

Up until now, secret underground lairs have been the preserve of Batman, Blofeld, and Bond (in Skyfall). Ex-property-mogul John Hunt is setting out to change that, though, by leading the charge for a rush of new TOTALLY AWESOME Batcave-esque basements being built under the roads of London.

Take a look at this picture -- it's got a bowling alley, swimming pool, vintage car museum... even a freaking underground climbing wall! I mean, yeah, it's a flagrant waste of dough, but if you've got that kind of cash to burn, why wouldn't you? It gets the best of both worlds: the grandiose old-school charm of a Kensington mansion, with the floor space and total wow-factor of a supervillain-style underground lair. Vilify him all you want, but be honest, who wouldn't want to live there? [Guardian]

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