Get Your international 3G Roam On With Globalgig's £15 a Month Data Dongle

By Gary Cutlack on at

Globalgig is a new data tethering plan, which gives international playboys and playgirls a cheaper way of connecting to mobile data services when overseas. Prices start at a reasonable £15 a month for 1GB of data.

The service has been built by Voiamo, which has partnered with major networks in the UK, US and Australia (here it's powered by Three). You pay your money, get your little 3G dongle, then fire it up and generate your own, reassuring, Wi-Fi hotspot, freeing you from the immense stress of panicking about how much it's costing you to refresh Twitter every 45 seconds.

There's the small matter of a £79 upfront fee for the wireless hotspot dongle itself, then either the £15/1GB option, the choice of paying £25 a month for 3GB of data, or £35 a month if you're a frequent traveler and/or have the ability to put things like this down on expenses and have someone else pay for it. [Globalgig]