Google: Android Developers -- Stop Fragmenting the Damn System

By Sam Gibbs on at

Android fragmentation is apparently the bane of Google-sided developers everywhere. So many devices, so many OS variants, and nothing seems to run smoothly on everything. Google agrees, but it blames developers just as much as manufacturers.

It's made causing the act of fragmentation illegal, by adding a new fragmentation clause to its terms and conditions. As The Register points out, it's not really aimed at your Gamelofts or Facebooks, but at developers who take Android and spin it into something else -- here's looking at you, China.

Will this help prevent fragmentation of Android? Probably not. But it'll stop companies taking the core of Android and spinning it into something entirely, fragmentarily different. Now, if we could just get every Android device updated to 4.2, that'd solve the whole problem. Simples, right? [Google via The Register]