Google Music Is Now Live in the UK and For Free too

By Sam Gibbs on at

Take that iTunes Match -- you've been equalled, if not bettered in the UK, as Google's finally launched its free streaming music service in Britain for us all to use and abuse. It'll match your music tracks, and upload the ones it can't, letting you stream them in-browser or to any Android device with a connection. Finally, Google Music's actually useful in the UK.

Considering Apple charges £22 a year for basically the same thing, Google's 'Scan and Match' service looks like an awesome bargain. 20,000 tracks can be shoved into your cloud library, which covers pretty much everyone but the biggest of music collectors.

You can now buy music from Google too, starting at 79p, if that's your thing, but free your-music-in-the-cloud from Google is too tempting to pass up, even if you're not tied into Google's ecosystem already. [Google Music]

Thanks Andrew!