Google Planning Own-Brand Chromebook to Fight Chrome OS Apathy?

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google is looking to copy its popular Nexus hardware line and use a similar system to bring a bit of spice to the rather sad world of the Chromebook, with the search giant said to be planning the launch of a Google-branded Chrome OS notebook.

According to Chinese sources, Google's own-brand Chromebook would also feature touchscreen capabilities, so it could even be the mythical Android/Chrome OS combo device we've long expected to eventually appear. The China Times says it'll be arriving before the end of 2012, so it could be a late entry on your annual email to Santa.

Although given that Chromebooks haven't exactly set the world on fire thus far despite new cheap ones appearing, would sticking a touchscreen in one and a Google logo on the case really help the cause? [Techradar]