Google Sounds a Call to Arms to Keep the Internet Free

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google has launched an anti-propaganda site, designed to give open internet campaigners a platform from which to shout about the importance of keeping pale grey government hands off our web access rights.

The Take Action page seems to be focussing mainly on the actions of the International Telecommunication Union, which is planning what Google describes as a "closed-door meeting" on December 3rd to talk about re-negotiating the old internet communications treaty and possibly opening the door to future web censorship.

Google's main concern is that the ITU operates in secret and takes guidance from governments, with no input from the companies that build and maintain the web. Plus it makes mention of the introduction of "tolls" for content providers to pay in order to access certain markets, which would limit Google's plans to eventually dominate the planet. [Google via Techradar]