Google Voice Search Vs. Siri UK-Style

By Sam Gibbs on at

OK, so we've seen how Google's new voice search app handles itself against Siri in the US, but what about in good old Blighty? Siri's been notoriously crap in the UK, and only recently stopped annoying the hell out of us with "I'm sorry... only in US English and in the United States." So, which one's better in the UK? Google's voice search or Siri?

Surprisingly, both did OK, but Google needed a bit of a tapping hand in some places, like when finding out who Arsenal's playing at the weekend. On average, Google's voice search was faster though, and its little blips and beeps were slightly less grating than Siri's voice responses, even if Siri showed a little bit of unexpected humour.

As with the comparison from the US, Google out does Siri when you're essentially searching for something on the web. However, Siri does better at presenting information like facts, figures, scores and other bits and pieces.

It's a close run thing in the end, which was a real surprise considering how crap Siri has been in the past, but iOS 6 has given the iPhone's butler new legs in the UK. Let's just say, Google's voice search versus iOS 5 Siri wouldn't have been a fair fight, but iOS 6 Siri just about holds its own. At any rate, Google's search app is free and great, so if you haven't tried it yet, download it now and start shouting at your blower like a nut job.

Video courtesy of our friends at TechRadar