Google Working on Open AirPlay Competitor

By Gary Cutlack on at

Google's next assimilation target is Apple's AirPlay media streaming and networking solution, with the Android developer said to be working on its own, open, method of pinging music, videos and other data to and from wireless devices.

According to GigaOm, Google's open AirPlay competitor will launch with support from a variety of hardware makers, with the idea being to manage media collections and enable simpler two-way transmission between devices, allowing for more "second screen" cleverness to further distract us all when we're trying to watch telly.

Most Android phones already use the DLNA system for chucking media around networks, but the way it's often rebranded by each phone maker means there's no obvious, unified, branded way of getting this done. An app like Google Media Aggregator, or whatever it ends up being called, ought to sort out that mess.

It'll certainly find a friend in Pure's PureStream tech, which teams an Android app with compatible hardware to build a wireless streaming system that works in a very similar manner to AirPlay already. [GigaOm via MacRumors]