Google's Guts Look Like a Technicoloured Dreamland

By Sam Gibbs on at

We saw the insides of one of Google's once-secretive data centres for the first time last month. But now, as part of Google's new 'Where the internet lives', big G has thrown open the doors to eight of its back-end buildings across the globe, including the myriad of multi-coloured guts that make up Google's nerve centre. This is the technicoloured dreamland where your data is stored, people.

From Finland to North Carolina, Google's interconnected brain sprawls literally miles of server rooms, all blinking away in their colourful glory. Three billion searches a day are handled by this little lot, plus all the action on YouTube, Gmail, Google+, and the plethora of other services on offer from Mountain View.

There are some really cool, wallpaper-worthy images in the gallery documenting this little lot, so it's well worth giving it a perusal: [Google]