Gorge Yourself on the Wii U's Naked Guts

By Chris Mills on at

What do you get when you add lots of curious bloggers, a hot new device without spec sheets, and a drawer full of power tools? Yeah, that's right, it's teardown o'clock -- time for you to spend a few minutes basking in the silicon glow of Nintendo's latest and greatest.

The real secret, specs-wise, was the overall memory figures for the Wii U. Nintendo saw fit not to reveal the specs for memory and speed prior to release, so naturally that's what everyone was trying to pry from the U's cold, plastic hands. As it turns out, the Wii is packing 2GB of Samsung-supplied DDR3 memory, which should have a max speed of 17GB/s. That looks slower than the 360 and PS3, but this could not be the whole story; eDRAM hasn't been taken into account yet.

See, Nintendo? This is what happens when you don't tell us these things. Not only are half of your pretty new consoles unceremoniously stripped, but dirty gossip starts spreading about how the new kid might actually be slower that the years-old systems it's trying to beat. Please, one way or the other, just put us out of our misery? [PC Perspective via Kotaku]