Got £90,000 to Burn? You Need This Truly Awesome F1 Simulator In Your Life

By Sam Gibbs on at

What you're looking at here is the ultimate F1 simulator money can buy, which is about as close as you'll probably ever get to driving the real thing. You sit in a full-sized F1 car, surrounded by three 23-inch screens and enough speakers to blow your ears off. It's so good, some 'clients' are even using it for race prep.

You can get the thing branded in any of the colours from the 2012 roster, so if you're a massive Lewis Hamilton fan you can jump in a McLaren and pretend you're dating Nicole Scherzinger.

A souped-up gaming PC powers the graphics, while the car itself is genuinely kitted out with Pirellis and Brembo brake callipers, which is a bit of a waste considering this thing will never move, but if you can, why the hell not? If you have £90,000 burning a hole in your pocket you can order one of these bad boys through Costco, but there's a 12 to 18 week wait while they make it for you. It looks truly awesome, so I think it's time to go buy a lottery ticket or five. [Costco via Daily Mail]