GTA Vice City Coming to Android and iOS on December 6th

By Gary Cutlack on at

The game that really established the GTA series as a Triple-A blockbuster and had kids queuing down the street for it 10 years ago will soon hit today's smartphones, with GTA Vice City 10th Anniversary Edition arriving on Android and iOS in a couple of weeks.

Rockstar says we can expect to see "native high-resolution graphics" in the refreshed mobile versions of the crime title, along with enhanced character models and lighting effects, plus a range of customisable control systems to make it a little more playable on today's buttonless devices.

As for the Android version, Rockstar has provided a long list of supported phones and tablets, which includes modern mobiles like the Galaxy S III and Nexus 4, with even older models like Sony's Xperia PLAY and the Samsung Nexus S said to be able to run Rockstar's classic just fine. [Rockstar]